Tap into the huge tourism market driven by Asia & Europe…

As a marque tourist region in Australia, the Yarra Valley is a prime target for cashed up visitors from China, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Germany and Northern Europe. The beautiful Yarra Valley landscape, the incredible wineries and boutique cafes and stores are a big attraction – and it’s important that if you own one of these businesses that you not wait until the tourists arrive in Australia before they start hearing about you.

We have access to a number of services which allows YV Digital to create multi-language websites targeting potential tourists, and then market to them using Baidu (China’s search engine) or on other international search engines so that your business makes it into more pre-travel itineraries.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an award winning business in the region, simply by being able to describe your what you have to offer, in an exciting fashion, in a language that tourists can understand might often be enough to get them to drop in whilst in town or even better; to book ahead of time.

To find out more about International tourist targeting, multi-language websites and international marketing campaigns contact YV Digital to setup an obligation free meeting.