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Recalling a campaign I co-managed at a previous agency…

It’s difficult to find a way to talk positively about a successful donation campaign for non-profits & charities, simply because if aid is required, people must have experienced pain & loss. But when it comes to delivering high performance digital marketing, almost nothing is as satisfying and important to work on. Why? Because it’s work that impacts those who need it the most.

Oxfam had been a client of ours for almost 3 years, and we had already managed many successful campaigns and appeals. As soon as news of the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal hit, Oxfam jumped to action. We received a brief from their Marketing Manager requesting the setup of an Adwords campaign and SEO campaign, targeting people looking to make donations.

We were to send as much relevant traffic as possible to the following landing page; Oxfam Nepal Appeal – which allowed people to select a donation type and read more about the tragedy and ways they could help.

It was a credit to Australia as a nation, the way that people stepped forward and contributed to the cause – without the thousands of Australians who donated, our campaign and more importantly the cause would not have delivered as much aid to the people of Nepal as it did:

  • 53,800 people now have access to clean water
  • 6,360 people now have safe sanitation facilities
  • 4,447 people have received food assistance
  • 9,000 people now have emergency shelters
  • 500 people have been helped to restart their livelihoods

In total, Oxfam Australia raised $2.6M in donations directly from Google Adwords and SEO campaigns managed by our team. This was a world record for online advertising for the entire Oxfam organisation worldwide. Our campaigns delivered more donations than campaigns run in the US, Canada and the UK.

How did we do this? Well, there are lots of people who can run Adwords and SEO campaigns for companies, but it takes a certain level of experience and deep thinking to optimise the tiny little details which actually deliver the massive outcomes. It’s the small things, learned through thousands of hours of experience, that when executed correctly can be game changing for a business.

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