Inspired digital, design & advertising in the Yarra Valley

We are web design experts with a proven track record of helping Yarra Valley business owners create simple, thoughtful & effective websites.

Our approach to digital;
Listen, research, design & repeat.



You know your business and your customers better than anyone. We’ll start by paying attention to what you and your customers need.



We’re not using guesswork or magic to do what we do. We’ll start by listening to you, doing the research and move forward from there.



We create websites that look great and most importantly, convert. You need a website that makes your business look and perform better.


Your website shouldn’t be static, it needs to change and grow with you. We’ll work with you to make sure your site is always up to date.

Yarra Valley Digital

Tap into our huge experience. We genuinely love this work.

We’ve worked on hundreds digital marketing campaigns, website projects and design jobs for hundreds of Australian & International companies. Thousands of hours of learning, testing, analysis and discussion allows us to deliver the right solutions, at the right budget, to help you run your business better. Not just to grow sales & revenue, but to get some of your time back, to be less stressed about money or to build something that gives you pride.

We genuinely love this work and we think you’ll love working with us.

So what do we do?


We create incredible websites and help you deliver a seamless digital experience to your customers.


We can deliver more traffic & sales via Adwords, social media, content, media & video advertising channels.


Want more customers now? Adwords is a great way to get started & if optimised properly will deliver great results


Search engine optimisation. It may sound tricky but basically its using keywords on your local area and services to drive traffic to your site 

New Businesses

We have packages which include everything you need to setup and kickstart your new business. We will get you going in no time


The key to business we belieive is growth. Thats why we base our digital strategys around where you are going, not where you started

We're honestly just in it for the coffee

We promise we’re less scary in person. We would be happy to come meet with you or we know a few good local cafes which feed our caffeine addiction.

Yarra Valley Digital

Brennan Smith

Owner of YV Digital & Terrible Puns

From working with hundreds of successful businesses building websites, I understand the ‘digital interview’ is extremely important when potential clients research a company to engage their services. Living in the Yarra Valley I’m excited to help build small business in the area.

Paul Yates

Design Chief & Head of Funny Videos

I am obsessed with elegant design & pixel-perfect details. I like finding creative solutions to problems. I want your website’s visitors to be as excited about your business as you are. I can help you take charge of your website’s content & understand the time and cost constraints of a small business and can design a solution that best suits your needs.

Yarra Valley Digital

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